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Here's my list! :)  Happy Holidays, all. 

My Amazon.com Wish ListAnything from my amazon.com list--new, used, it's all good! 

netflix gift certificate or one of their movies.

Livejournal paid subscription

children's books--I'm an elementary teacher, so anything young works.

school supplies--my kids are very needy. Anything you don't need that's sitting around in your house (used or new, we don't care!), like calculators, crayons, pencils, construction paper, children's scissors... We'll take 'em. :)

scarves--any types, hand made or purchased. Absolutley doesn't matter to me. I need some!

necklaces--I love silver. hate yellow gold. other than that, I'm NOT picky.

earrings--I have pierced ears. Anything works.

An Icon you've created.  Anything to do with red matrixes (see the one I received last year!), vizslas (that's a type of dog), teaching, reading, mountains, music, romance...

That's it (only 9).  Please e-mail me at    WestOfAfton AT hotmail DOT com  for mailing/more info.

X-posted to holiday_wishes
I don't think I can afford to re-spend the full $20 (I still have all of my family to buy for, and need to send my holiday_wishes commitments out), but I would like to get you something. Would you send your snail addy to my username at Mindspring, please?