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Culinary: leaving food on the floor the dogs really have never let me down in this department.
Literary: skipping descriptive sections I need dialogue...
Audiovisual: foreign cartoons (NOT anime, though) If you haven't seen 'Kirikou' you have to rent it. It's so hilarious...
Musical: my dad's 70s music I can rock out to some Elton John and ELO
Celebrity: Rachel Weiss "The Fountain" was terrible. But her kissing made it totally worth it.

Now I tag:-

cmolieri poisonwood t_blu_meanders fiercestcalm11 and singr71887

to complete this same Quiz, Its HERE.
heh, i'll pass.

It was great seeing you. I regret not staying at rehearsal longer, but I still had a final to finish up. I really regret it though.

take care
hey it's lindsey--i have a new account now, so i thought i'd let you know :)