<clears throat and steps up, onto the soap box>

After all this political schtuff, I'm a Republican.

I'm a Republican who can't agree with Republicans on abortion or gay rights.  Which causes a bit of a problem.  I'm like stuck.

I'm sorry--but there are few Republicans (people in general, I'm sure) who have met a 14 year old girl pregnant with her FATHER's baby.  And until they do, I can't hear what they're saying about pro-life.  They've lost their minds!

And screaming at me that marriage is between a man and woman just crushes any freedom of religion this country was built on!  COME ON! 

So, humpf.

Obama's got the right message right now.  I'm worried about how much government he's going to put into our lives, but sometimes its necessary to get over our prejudices!  I mean, Ab Lincoln-JFK-... these are big names who fought for some equlity but lost their lives because of ignornace. 

So, VOTE.  And try to make an informed decision about your vote.  Don't vote because of emotions, a feeling, candidate color, gender or age. Educate yourself and then DO IT. 

<removes herself from the soap box>